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A lazy person once said to me that “I don’t have dinner”. To that I asked, “never?”.
He said “Yeah, too much of work preparing all the food and stuff”.
So I said, “Why don’t you get food delivered?”
His answer then blew me away, “It’s too much of work to get down from the bed and take that food and eat using my hand”.
Well, we all love procrastination but there are people who have mastered the art of laziness to a whole another level. Here are the laziest people you will see in the internet today:
1. Seems like running away from the town when you have a secret information of a disaster that’s coming!
2. Huh! How much lazier can you get, already you are eating a burger? Also, did Burger King really make that thing?
3. Wow! If only I could be that skilled to not spill some fries all over the place while eating.
4. Girl, please accept me as your student and I’ll be grateful forever.
5. Only in India and specific to the engineering students of India.
6. I’ll be lazy like a boss, who’s gonna stop me?
7. Oh not only the Indians but there are more lazy people in this world I forgot about!
8. The whole another level of multi-tasking right here.
9. Girl just get down, no more of your energy will get wasted than stretching your hands like that. Trust me!
Well, not going to comment on their laziness but surely lazy people do become really intelligent when it comes down to shortening their work.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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