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One of life’s greatest pleasures in life is eating delicious food. I mean we all agree on the fact that nothing can make up a ruin mood but a spoonful of exemplary food dish. Just one bite and there goes our despair.
Good food is a vital necessity and thus we always make sure to kick-start our day with a lavish breakfast, don’t we? (at least we always try to). One thing that’s all healthy and subtle for a sumptuous breakfast is eggs. The round oval shaped edible item is loved by one and all except for the hardcore shaakahaaris, ofcourse.
Don’t judge me but I really want to question your existence, people, how can you survive without savouring the egg delicacies?
Some like it boiled while some like it scrambled, some like it half fried while some like me want to make a god damn heavy omelet out of it.
But there is one guy who uses eggs to form artworks, sounds intriguing, right?
Well, Michele takes raw or cooked eggs, shapes them into various figures and shares the images of his artwork on his Instagram page titled ‘The Eggs-hibit’, ah cheeky bruh!
Let us have a look at his amazing work:-
1). Genius. Philanthropist. Playboy. Billionaire

2). Don’t Block Me

3). Machli Jall Ki Raani Hai

). The ‘Egg-La-La’ Land

5). Chillax Mood On

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- Shivam
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