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Karan Johar is known for being diplomatic but many of the times he fails drastically. It is not wise ok to promote something but it is not wise to demean others’ culture in order to do that. Currently, something like this happened again and Karan Johar is currently getting slammed badly in social media.
The filmmaker is facing outrage on social media for 'insulting' the traditional headgears of the Northeast known as ‘Japi’.
Karan Johar is a member of the judging panel in India’s Got Talent and while shooting, the KKHT director constantly keeps on posting behind the scene scoops from the set. Recently, he uploaded another video clip on his Instagram and where he, Kirron Kher and Malaika Arora are having a conversation.
In the video, Kirron Kher is seen wearing a spiked bamboo Arunachalee hat, to that the director exclaims, "oh my god, what is that on your head?"
Kher replies saying joyously, "People from Arunachal Pradesh have brought it for me and they have got this for you," showing him an Assamese 'Japi', traditional hat made of bamboo, dried leaves and pieces of coloured cloths.
Then Kirron ji utters, "Why are you not wearing your hat," Karan Johar is heard then replying, "Because you have guts, I don't."
The filmmaker yet continues in the background sayinig, "You are looking you are going to break into some kind of qawwali."
The BJP MP gets back to him saying, "How can I break into a qawwali in a bamboo hat. What's wrong with you? You don't know the states of this country."
The netizens of social were not at all impressed and started getting back to the insulting comments of the filmmaker. One of the Instagram netizen wrote, "Our Prime Minister, President wear this Japi proudly when they visit northeast and they are leaving no stones unturned for the development of Northeast. At that time there are people like you who actually don't know about NorthEast and are actually insulting our culture".
Japi is the "pride of Assam", insisted another Instagram user.
There were too people who felt negative looking at the video, another wrote "So plz if u can not love it dn u dont have right to insult itpeople of north east has verry rich culture. U can think us junghli but we are not (sic)".
Now, the video has been removed looking at the seriousness of the matter.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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