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Winter and romance are a dangerous combination that will take you on a loop like affair. We have a very cosy relationship with winter and so is with our partner. Now, when both of them are together, it can be too much to fathom!
Here is what happen on romantic winters:
1. You call your boyfriend to come over.
After he comes you get cosy to each other and make-out.
2. Next?
You order pizza and make coffee too keep you company till the pizza arrives.
3. After pizza?
Once your hunger is over, you feel tired and cold again, you get inside the blanket and start watching movies.
4. Half way through the movie…
Half way through the movie, both need a break, so you pause the movie and start hugging and cuddling.
5. What follows next?
You know the answer to that, another make-out session.
6. Next, nonsensical chat starts
Now you are really tired and then the actual nonsensical talks start or the world affair starts where you are bitching or whining about how dumb people are, why can’t everyone live in peace!!
7. Now you are falling in love with each other all over again
You are now feeling like, you are truly soulmates who were meant to be together.
8. Following with a kiss
You sure know that a kiss is never just a kiss when you are locked up in a room or no one’s at home.
Then you promise, “We will not have so much sex, we don’t get time to talk”.
What happens on the next romantic winter day? You repeat the same things you did and the cycle never ends. Though the cycle never ends but in between all the more things you need, you find actual happiness.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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