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Wedding is celebration of your love and not just for two individuals in Indian but the whole family comes together. So, when you are marrying a guy or a girl, you are in a way marrying their family as well. So, if your marriage has been fixed or you are just getting that feeling that you are ready to commit for the lifetime, you might be thinking about your wedding preparations.
If you are preparing for your D-day, we are here to help you do that. Here are the things you should look for in wedding cards:
1. Wedding Cards should have your vibe
No matter how beautiful the wedding card is, if it doesn’t look like it is your wedding card, what is the point right? Do not settle with anyone else’s choice, choose your own wedding card.
2. Designer Wedding Cards
Though you will find many wedding card samples in the market but if you go to a wedding card designer, they will customise it. They will understand your personality how to design the card as per your vision.
3. Check all information on wedding card
One of the common mistakes people do is that looking at the pretty cards, they forget all about details. It leaves a bad impression when there is a printing error in your own wedding card. It also causes problem and misunderstanding.
4. Use of specific fonts and graphics
Try to keep things as simple as possible but not so simple that it falls flat. It’s a happy occasion, so there should be your essence in everything you put out.
These things are not so difficult to keep in mind but important to kickstart the marriage on a positive note. Let the guests get impressed by your passion.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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