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If you want to lead a healthy life, you not only need to start exercising but more important than that is your food habit. What if only one change in your food habit can make a whole lot of difference?
Yes, that is correct. If you can cut down sugar from your food habits, it will make some wondrous changes in your health and lifestyle. So, it easy said than done but we have got you covered with some amazing substitutes of sugar that will not let the sweetness go away.
Here are 8 healthy substitutes of Sugar:
1. Honey: Raw honey is talked about a lot but it is truly filled with a lot of nutrients which helps in living healthy.
2. Dates/Date Sugar: High in sweetness but since they are unrefined makes it eatable.
3. Coconut Sugar: If you haven’t heard of it, thank us later. It is a natural and pure sweetener and no, it doesn’t taste like coconut.
4. Stevia: To begin with stevia has 0% calorie and 200 times sweeter than sugar. How to beat that?
5. Maple Syrup: Not very healthy but much better than having sugar , have it just as an alternative and not too much.
6. Pureed Banana: This is great food for providing you with energy, heal muscle cramps, aid digestion and many more benefits.
7. Cinnamon: Begin using this sweet spice instead of sugar in coffee or tea as it is controls blood sugar, also fights yeast infections.
8. Monk Fruit: Yet another sugar substitute with 0% calorie and extra benefits of being non-glycemic, free of aftertaste and works great as anti-inflammatory.
Now have a sweet life without sugar!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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