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We all know the pain of making a perfect resume as we head to seek a suitable job that can make us earn bread and butter. Even when I am writing this, there’ll be thousands of people out there, roaming in scorching heat to fetch a job.
Sometimes it’s surreal to think that your capabilities are going to be determined (to an extent) from that piece of paper that weighs almost nothing but the reality is always bitter and you need to gulp it, no matter what!
A perfect resume enhances your chances of getting your dream job; therefore, every word and line MATTERS!
But, today we are not here to diss or whine about the CV culture rather we are here to spread some laughs (yea, we are cool like that), So, we imagined what an honest CV or resume of our favourite villainous fictional characters look like:-

Swacch Bharat me mangta hai sabkuch saaf
Thanos Taau ko chahiye duniya In two halve

Doodh me daala chaawal aur ban gayi saali kheer
Madarch*d hamko laake do Ramadhir

Barjatya Ne bataya ki rahege ham saath saath
Mera naam hai gabbar and I just love Thakur ke haath

Apun ko chahiye ijjat, apun ko chahiye samman
Kyu apun hai sarvshaktimaan eklauta bhagwaan

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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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