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The ever-rising pollution and advanced lifestyle are making changes in climate every freaking day, the temperature is rising and glaciers are melting; the evil of GLOBAL WARMING is gradually dismantling mankind and all we are doing is just ignoring the situation.
The over emission of greenhouse gases and burning of fossil fuels is taking a toll on earth’s nature and we are sitting keeping hand on hand.
Maybe these 5 gruesome facts about GLOBAL WARMING will give you a wakeup call, scroll down:-

1). There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point in the last 800,000 years. On an average it is 408 parts per million and that’s just horrendous.

2). Sea levels are constantly rising because of global warming and that’s an alarming situation. If the situation keeps amplifying, we may get extinct in no time.

3). Heat waves caused by global warming can cause a variety of heart-related illness and death as well, diabetic patients are very prone to such ill-effects.

4). We are already losing a large area of coastal ecosystems every year. This area is comparatively larger than New York City, so do the maths and CRY. Around 1 fucking million hectares have been lost as of now and the numbers are just adding up every freaking minute.

5). Scientists fear that in the absence of effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, the global average temperature will add up another 2 degrees by 2100.

Save the planet, there is still a lot of TIME left. Take action before it sways away!
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- Shivam
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