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Depression can happen to anyone be it a human or animals, so when you are taking care of your own mental health, you need to take care of your pet’s mental health too. They are completely dependent on you, thus, it becomes entirely your responsibility.
Pets are the most dependent creatures. They will give you all the love but they have their needs too which most of the times they can’t express. So, if you see them sleeping abnormally, eats less, seems sad, aloof, and spends most of wandering mindlessly round the house, you need to understand something is troubling them.
Here are some tips to cheer them up:
1. Spend good amount of time with them
Pets are attention seekers, thus, when you don’t give them enough time, they find it hard to cope. Even if they are sad about some other matter, your undivided attention and love will heal their soul.
2. Show your pet you're happy
If you have dogs, in that case, it works miraculously. Since dogs are very intelligent, an effective way is cheer is to show that you are happy, do not shout or frown near them.
3. Let your pet socialize with other pets
They can be sad if they are missing someone dearly or lost a member in the family. In such cases, you can take your pet to the park or for a walk and let them meet other pets. Studies suggest that animals enjoy same-species companionship, so, try to figure a socialising strategy.
4. Outdoor activities
Most of the animal loves indulging in outdoor activities, so take them out and play with them enthusiastically. At first, they will be hesitant and will not be willing to play but when they will see you trying enthusiastically, they will join you.
5. Play him or her some music
Not only for humans but music works magically towards pets too. Yes, music is a great way to sooth them down. Through good and happy songs, you will be able to lift up their mood but make sure the volume isn’t too high.
Happy pets are the brightest pets!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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