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Indian Moms are combination of care, love, affection but most of all sarcasm and sassy replies. They are no doubt the superwoman of our lives but if you try to cross the line, they will hit you up with sarcasm that will shake the ground you are sitting on. One of the very distinctive talents desi moms have are their comebacks and no matter how successful or grown-up you are, their sarcasm will not stop reaching you.
Here are the most known comebacks of Desi Moms:
1. When your morning starts with fresh toasted sarcasm
It is next to impossible to ever impress your own mom, when the day comes, let us know!
2. When the disappointment is at the peak!
No matter how hard you try, they will always have the last word.
3. Next morning breakfast after your mom catches you awake late at night
4. Sass is the highlight of desi mom, don’t mess with them, just be grateful that you are getting food atleast!
Never ever pointout any of their mistakes, they suddenly become Kali maata from your maata.
5. Sab ache bas main bura!
The shock value they create, it’s nothing compared to the electric shock.
6. Melodrama is the first and last name of every Indian Mom
Desi moms also know how to build-up before getting to the real point.
7. Sassy Momma is desi Momma
If you are still biting your nails, remember your mom might be watching from somewhere and out of the blue she will surely hit you with another sassy sarcasm.
Graphic Design: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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