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In recent years, the concept of virtual reality has caught fire and people crave for developments in this sector that can literally teleport them into another dimension.
Cashing on this craving, big giants like Google, Samsung, HTC etc. are constantly trying to bring better products to enhance the virtual reality experience for the customers. Here are the 3 best products that’ll satisfy your craving in no time:-

1). Google Cardboard
If you are a beginner in the virtual reality world, nothing can be better than Google’s product. It is user-friendly, compact, lightweight, and compatible with both Android phones and iPhones. It allows users to explore 360-degree videos from apps like VRSE and Jaunt, among others. WORTH TRYING!
Cost: Around $15

2). Samsung Gear
This beauty enriches your VR experience to a whole new level. This product is powered by Oculus and provides 101-degree field view, motion sensors, and over 1,000 apps and games. It does not use the external motion tracking devices attached to the headset, thus the experience is breath-taking and really immersive.
Cost: Around $100

3). Samsung Gear 360 spherical camera
Imagine creating a world of your own and then strolling there, sounds like a fantasy film idea, eh? Well, this fantasy can get true and we all need to thanks Samsung for that. The spherical camera lets you create your own worlds and provides 180-degree horizontal and vertical cameras on both the front and back. The VR environment will look absolutely surreal to you.
Cost: Around $250
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- Shivam
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