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Sunny Leone – the woman who wrote her story single-handedly, despite facing severe backlash, she kept her head high and today there’ll be hardly anyone who doesn’t know her.

Sunny started her B-town career with Jism 2 in 2012, after 6 years, she has achieved way too much success and she says that she is kind to god for this. Currently, she operates as a dancer, anchor, actress, and supermodel in the industry.

Biggest stars like Aamir Khan wants to work with her while others like SRK have already worked and this just tells the star power of Sunny Leone.

In a recent interview, she was asked about her successful web series ‘Karenjit Kaur’, she was asked if it was troubling to visit her past or was it therapeutic; Sunny quipped and answered: “Many people remarked that playing out my story once again must have been cathartic. It’s not! You undergo life-altering situations like your parents passing away... You try to move on. But you don’t heal completely. You just grow numb. To the person who says, ‘Don’t worry, time will heal everything’, I want to say, ‘S***w you, time doesn’t heal’. I’m still hurt, I’m still sad my parents are not here. So, doing the series was not therapeutic. Rather, it was difficult. The first season was about why I made a certain decision. The second is everyone living through it and the repercussions.”

Sunny also comments on being a mother of three adorable kids and motherhood, she says: "I wanted kids for a long time now. We felt we had everything in the world that we could ever want. We wanted to share our life with a child. And now we’ve got three. (Smiles) God’s plan. I love my job. I’m a better person because I’m working. It keeps me going. So, surrogacy was something that we thought would be best for us. I get to be me and still have a complete family.”

Well, Sunny, you are truly an amazing human being, keep shining like a bright Sun.

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- Shivam
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