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The wonderful pictures you are going to view are product of Floriane De Lassée. She is responsible for the ideas, conceptualisation and most of all the pictures. The photographer has graduated in a school of graphic design (Paris) in 2000 and from the School of the International Center of Photography (NYC) in 2004. Floriane now is a freelance artist/photographer.
These are pictures which is themed at ‘How Much Can You Carry?
As per her biography, the photographer chooses projects where she goes back to “mises en scène” every now and then.
The theme might be very simple but the way the artist has portrayed strikes you heart directly.
What is art? The expression of one’s imagination, thoughts and oneself is what art is.
There are many people who have larger than life imagination, pretty but not everyone s gifted with skills where they can express those imaginations.
It is a gift to have imagination but to share that imagination with someone as effectively as possible, is where the beauty lies.
There are times when you are short of words, these pictures are just too overwhelming. The more it is explained, more the meaning is taken away.
The more abstract the artwork, the more it will speak but in order to do that, you will have to understand the symbolism or completely judge on the basis of your instincts.
Illusion or pressure is another aspect which can be thought out, since many of the times our brain makes up a lot which is not there.
Floriane now is a freelance artist/photographer.
What are your thoughts looking at the pictures?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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