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The box office is currently going gaga over the release of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and why not? The film traces the story of one of the greatest musician ever born – FREDDIE MERCURY.

Farrokh Bulsara, popularly known as Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of the immensely popular ‘Queen’ band. Yes, the tunes and songs were big reasons for the band to become such a phenomenon but what really caught everyone’s attention was Freddie’s one in a million voice and hustling attitude.

People used to love him like GOD and the 1980’s Live Aid concert is the proof of my statement, you can go and watch a clip of this concert on youtube, you’ll get an idea of what I am talking about.

Freddie gave us epic songs like ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Bitten To The Dust’ but unfortunately he couldn’t live long enough, he died of AIDS in 1991 and the world is still mourning the loss.

Today, we bring you some of the most inspirational quotes that this legend uttered:-

1). “You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be.”

2). “The most important thing is to live a fabulous life. As long as it’s fabulous I don’t care how long it is.”

3). “I love the fact that I can make people happy, in any form. Even if it’s just an hour of their lives, if I can make them feel lucky or make them feel good, or bring a smile to a sour face, that to me is worthwhile.”

4). “Oh, I was not made for heaven. No, I don’t want to go to heaven. Hell is much better. Think of all the interesting people you’re going to meet down there”

5). “My soul has painted like the wings of butterflies,Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die,I can fly, my friends...”

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- Shivam
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