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Relationships! They are complicated right?
Relationships which we choose and the relationships we are born into, both are equally challenging. If you look at it and treat it the similar way, it will be the same. The only difference is that, when you choose a relationship, choosing to be in the relationship or not is completely yours or your partners’ choice. This is what gives birth to even more complications.
So, here are some of the mistakes we commit which increases the complexities and thus, the relation starts to fall apart:
1. Waiting for the proposal
Either you are waiting for the guy to propose you or the guy is waiting for you. This shouldn’t be the case, if you strongly feel for something, don’t wait for the other person.
2. Fast-forward the relationship
Never fast forward the pace of your relationship just in order to move forward. Have a healthy relationship and get to know each other properly and that takes time. Fast forwarding the pace of a relationship will make people end up making mistakes that they will regret in the future.
3. Priority
Boyfriend/Girlfriend should never be your first priority, that place should always be for your parents. Boyfriend/Girlfriend might or might not stay with you forever but family they have and will always be by your side.
4. Blocking your friends
Again, a new relationship in your life doesn’t mean that you will abandon the old ones. Balance between your friends and girlfriend/boyfriend, both are precious and both the relations are yours.
5. Losing Self-Respect
It is never OK to lose your self-respect even if you can’t imagine your life without him/her. Saying sorry all the time, begging for petty things will eventually start pinching you.
Always remember to love is to accept, let them change and accept the person. Every person has flaws, if there is an issue sort out but love them for trying to solve those issues.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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