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Today, social media has generated a lot of insecurity among people. The never-ending battle of gathering likes and reactions makes one anxious and impatient and in that bid, people use different means to get into the hit list by purchasing fake likes or using third-party applications but here is a SHOCKER as Instagram is all set to take action against these fake likes and comments.

Any fake likes and follows from accounts that use third-party services to get more engagement are going to now be removed for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Instagram has developed learning-powered moderation tools that will detect fake likes and comments and eventually eradicate them. Any accounts that have gained popularity because of third-party apps will be suspended.

Instagram is now becoming the topmost platform to become an influencer and advertise products, thus people are using forge ways to become an influencer and use the benefits, that is why Instagram is all set to tackle this issue.

Not just the likes and comments, these third-party apps also increase the number of followers and that is creating disadvantages for people who are striving hard and gaining actual followers with their talent.

Recently, the company also released a statement and mentioned that more actions are in process to completely vanish such practices from the immensely popular social media platform.

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- Shivam
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