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When we slog our ass in the office for 9 hours, we do it in a bid to earn money and lead a prosper life. We are so fascinated by money that we go beyond our limit to sacrifice WEEKENDS and do overtime so that we can get the bloody salary raise.

A raise for an employee is like water springs amidst a scorching desert. *NIRVANA*

But, hey, the raise isn’t that easy to achieve, and when you don’t get what you deserve, even after working day in and day out; it is disappointing, isn’t it?

So, today we are here to celebrate our love for salary raise because we all have been there and experienced the zest of it, didn’t we?

Without much ado, let us get rolling:-

1). Acha Sila Diya Tune Mere OVERTIME Ka

2). Kore Kore Sapne Mere Barso Se The Kitne Adhoorey

3). Guddu Bhaiyya Knows The Pain Of Not Getting What You Deserve

4). I Am Not Crying, Are You? Yes, You Are!

5). Boss, Give Me A Raise And Don’t End Up In Jail

6). Is Zindagi Se To Maut Bhali, Ghalb!

7). Apun Sarv Shaktishaali Eklauta Bhagwan Hai

8). Ghoomege, Firege, Khayge, Piyege Aur Kya!

So, boss, please listen to our ‘fariyads’ and fulfill our ‘Aaas’, hamne apna farz nibhaya ab aap apne waadey nibhayein!


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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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