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Being a girl is difficult but every girl, every single one have super powers which we need to use. In the past, the men have tried very hard to supress us and they have tried really hard but yet we away found a way to shackle those barriers and come out in the open. There are many women who have always found it hard to show everything that she is capable of. For all those weak moments, you should always remember these inspiring quotes:
1. Grow from your past never get stuck there. Even if it was your fault, you cannot go back and fix it but you can fix the future from its learning.
2. Everyone has emotions but the girls are known for emoting but we are not known for giving up!
3. Next time someone try to malign you for your day-dreaming, let them know that you are a visionary but with your work.
4. Talk about Triple threat, but this is just a teaser, we have so much more to give and to show.
5. Yes, I was crying, I was sad but I got it out of my system and now I feel like never before.
6. Strength doesn’t need to be muscular, it is more in your mind that in muscles. Make your mind strong and nothing will hurt you.
7. Well, girls/women’s worst weakness is stress, stressed about everything. Girl! Calm down and life, you deserve it.
Girls, never feel sad about being what you are. Be proud that you belong to a community which is the strongest in the universe and there should be noone who tells you what to do!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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