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Many looks at heartbreaks as something really bad and many romanticises about the beauty of it. Not many looks at the good things of heartbreaks. The best part of a break up is surely not what we feel or the relationship going sour but the best part is to be mature about understanding the issue.
Heartbreaks are important and here's why:
1. Look into the break up as a good thing because life can never be so bad. Life always does things which later can be used for tougher purposes. It prepares you for the difficult and complicated things coming up for you to grow.
2. When we are in love, many of the time we keep our partner before us and eventually start doubting ourselves. Take your break up as an opportunity to self-love and self-discovery.
3. Heartbreaks are extremely painful, thus, you will be more empathetical and kind to others. Even in your harshest situations, you will deal with it with grace.
4. It gives you the opportunity for re-bonding with older relations. Your friends and cousins, who you once used to spend whole lot of time, you suddenly gave them no tie. Now, the relationship is over, you will understand the value of these precious relations.
5. Most importantly, you will understand that you deserve much much better. Though, heartbreak is the difficult way to find out but atleast now you know. So, Thank You, Next.
Now go and have that chocolate cake, these are turbulent situations that will make your entire life super smooth.
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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