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Anil Kumble – the name that will never fade away from world cricket. The legendary spinner is someone aspiring bowlers look out for. His selfless and humble attitude is still unmatched. Many times, he was seen putting his team ahead of him.

Here are 5 instances where Kumble showed what a man he was:-

1). It was 2002 when Kumble’s jaw got broken and doctors suggested him to rest but he went on the field and bowled his guts out whilst he was spitting blood on the field. Courageous enough, eh!

2). When he stepped forward to lead his team from the front in 2007. People were unsure about Dhoni being the Test captain as he was inexperienced and Sachin was adamant that he won’t take captaincy in any case, this is when Kumble gave his hand to the stumbling Indian team and saved the day.

3). He never boasted of his achievements and his stats but let me just remind you that he holds the record for most number of Test wickets. There were times when he helped India sail through with his exceptional batting as well but never really got his undue appreciation because ‘GREAT MAN DON’T ROAR’.

4). He announced his retirement as he did not want to be in the team as an ill player. He wanted the team to be fit and fine and he knew that BCCI won’t let him go so he retired just for the sake of his beloved team.

5). And, how can we forget the time when Kumble created a history by taking 10 wickets in a Test Match. Kumble was playing against Pakistan and Indian team had already lost the first Test, it was struggling in the second match as well until Kumble came and saved the day.

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- Shivam
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