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Standing under a shower and enjoying the personal space is probably one of the best pleasures of life. A normal human spends around 27 percent of his life bathing, MIND BLOWN, eh?

Well, just like we see different people in our day to day life, our shower too sees a variety of human beings and their surreal situations while they stand under the spotlight of a shower and an artist just depicted all of those situations in his art work.

The artist goes by the name Chaz Hutton and says: “I lived in a place in the UK for a year that only had a bath, and so after a bath or two every day for a year I’m kinda done with baths, Ideally, [a good shower is] one that has an amazing view coupled with the risk that someone might accidentally look the other way through the same window.”

Chaz also says that he has experienced every situation that he has mentioned, he says: “I came up with the idea for this comic while having a shower and thinking about how I had no ideas for any comics.”

So, let us gawk together at his amusing art work:

1). Lost In Deep Thoughts

2). Trouble Begins In 3-2-1….

3). Shower Intimacy Isn’t All Fun, I Guess!

4). Your Own La La Land

5). The Best Guilty Pleasure Of Our Lives

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- Shivam
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