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Anurag Kashyap – the flag bearer of neo-noir cinema in India recently expressed his thoughts on violence portrayed in American film industry aka Hollywood.

According to Anurag, Hollywood tends to commercialize a product and they don’t really explore violence, he quotes: “America is always middle of the ground, they always borrow from everywhere and make it more palatable and commercial but they don’t really explore violence barring some of the exploitation movies. They know how to commercialize everything, they are the Mcdonalds version of action and violence.”

The 46 yr old maverick filmmaker has time and again depicted some gruesome violence scenes in his films and he clearly understands the ifs and buts of such scenes. He further adds in his argument: “I like the whole idea of taking people through that whole motion of what’s the worst fear that they might have. I get bothered by seeing celebratory violence that I see in mainstream movies or the superhero movie where the violence makes you feel like wanting to be a hero and getting into a fight. My idea of creating violence is to put the viewer off it, where it disturbs them.”

Nowadays, he is busy creating the second season of the much acclaimed Netflix show ‘Sacred Games’. The first season gained immense popularity and struck a chord in the pop culture arena. The characters and dialogues became memorable as well.

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- Shivam
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