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While growing up, we all were taught how being selfish and being self-centered was a bad thing. Nowadays, in the name of self-awareness people are mixing up selfishness to self-love. Self love is ofcourse about loving ourselves but without the delusion that everything “revolves around me”.
Narcissism is a dangerous thing where one is egocentric, egoistic, mean, self-centered, self-indulgent, self-seeking, and ungenerous. It is thus a dangerous idea to say “It is ok to be selfish” and not clarify to the child “It is not to be Self-centered”.
Here is how Self-Awareness is ‘Not Equals To’ Self-Centered:
Many in the world have confidence issues and they have a hard time confronting that they are talented. In order to deal with such circumstances, one must not become self-centered and think of themselves as God.
The collective meeting of self-centered people can be even more dangerous. Therefore, you shouls always differentiate between the two atleast for your own good.
It is anyways never a good idea to know that you are cause of someone’s loss or pain whether the life is short or long. Why not choose the path of kindness and atleast you will know, you did no wrong.
Both seek attention and both screams loudly that look at me, there is no one else more important than me in this world.
Looking at this quote you might think of many people who are self-centered starting from politicians, business and even your own boss. Don’t let them take away your peace and try that you don’t take away anyone else’s peace too.
Keep away your ego and you have no idea what a wide wide world you live where you can learn so much in every breath you take. It is a beautiful world, keep up with the peace!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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