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The weather is degrading with each passing day or let’s just say it’s getting more and more romantic on a positive note. On the other hand, it is getting worrisome for many girls to figure out how to make their winter fashion as cool as their summer fashion are!
Many of the girls are worried that most of the clothes will be buried inside the wardrobe or hiding behind big sweaters and jackets, is it possible to wear skirts even in winter? Yes, ofcourse you can and look great in them too.
Here are the fashion tricks you need to follow to wear skirts in winter:
1. Skater skirts
They are the coolest and the easiest to merge into any season fashion. Take your skater skirt as regularly you wear and pair it up with a pair of stockings and a cosy short length sweater and you are good to go.
2. Leather high boots
Everyone should have atleast one pair of high leather boots and that will solve half the fashion problems of winter. You can basically wear your short skirt and pair it up with these fantastical boots and you will look classy as ever.
3. Over-sized sweater
Another great trick to enjoy skirts in winter is to pair them up with an over-sized sweater flow over your skirt, it will look even cuter with a pair of ankle length boots.
4. Leather jacket
A chic leather jacket can also sort most of your problems. It will keep you warm, can be very well paired with skirt and make you look elegant too.
There are many more other ways too like layering it up with tights, pullovers, high socks, and checked shirt, you just need to find the balance and you are good to go!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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