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India – the land of many surprises never fails to amaze us with its surreal beauty and astonishing landscapes. Be it, the mighty mountains or deep blue seas, everything in India fills our life with a sense of happiness.

And, if we are talking about everything, how can we forget about Indian roads, you really haven’t lived your life if you haven’t strolled around Indian roads.

Here are three most dangerous road in India that’ll fulfill the craving of adrenaline rush for you:-

1). Zoji La

Located at an altitude of more than 11,000 feet, this dangerous road is surrounded by scenic surroundings. This road pass falls on the way to Leh from Srinagar. It is also the second highest pass in India and poses a lot of difficult situations like cruel snow storms, regular landslides, and strong winds.

2). Khardung La

The highest motorable road in the world at an altitude of 18,380 feet is definitely the most dangerous pass in India. Surrounded with exemplary landscapes, this pass poses dangers like thin air, low oxygen, extremely cold weather, muddy and rocky pass, and even landslides.

3). Nathu La

This pass in Sikkim is located at an altitude of about 14,000 feet and on needs to be very careful when he/she is traveling on this pass. The irregular snowfalls and deathly turns make it a vicious road that can challenge the hell out of you.

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- Shivam
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