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Just imagine sky is wedged solid with the traffic gridlock with long queues of cars, bikes unable to move in the sky? The scenario looks similar but there is a twist. Isn’t it? Although it is impossible to escape the traffic hustle bustle but have you ever wondered what would have happened if the same scenario happens in sky? What would happen if flying cars come in India?
Here is the list of funny and exciting things that would happen if flying cars come in India.
1. We often had the unfortunate experience of hitting people and striking animals irrespective of our road skills but if flying cars arrives in India then the chances of at least hitting animals would decrease.
So that means if flying cars would have been in the past then there would not have been hit and run case on Salman Khan and others, Right?
2. If flying cars come in India then you can imagine the scenario where traffic police is running after the culprits. Imagined the situation….Isn’t it funny?
3. You must have heard about couple getting married in the air but if flying cars come in India this not so common situation will become common in India.
So that means your dream of getting married in the air would also get fulfilled. Feels excited… You should because this would happen soon…
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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