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If you are falling for your friend’s sister or you are already dating one, it is a scary thought to tell that to your friend. Are you suddenly feeling like you have entered on to a dangerous territory?
The thing is, your friends know all too well and the fact that you might have shared some of your ‘not-so-good’ habits or hit on the same girl at the same time and a lot of stuff. Therefore, it becomes awkward for both you and your friend to grasp to the fact that you are dating his sister. Well, as much as scary it is but here are the thing you should think about before dating your friend’s sister:
#1 Long term plans
The first and foremost thing you need to consider is whether she is that great that you can’t miss out. If you are simply having a crush, you should give some thought but you are really falling for her every single day, then you can consider talking to your friend or the girl.
#2 Avoid flirting with her for now
Till the time you figure out whether you are seriously considering her, till that time you should avoid flirting with her. Creating premature tension is the last thing you want with your friend.
#3 Be a little extra nice with your friend for some time
Before confronting to your friend about your feelings, start being a little nicer than you are generally to soften the blow. Don’t butter him too much because then he will suspect dishonesty.
#4 Try to plan and hangout together
Plan out some party where you, your friend and her sister are together but don’t let it come across as “Planned”. You can also invite other friends to make it seem even breezier.
#5 Check if your friend’s sister likes you
Try to chat with your friend’s sister first and see if she is really interested in you. If she likes you as well, let her do the talking and revealing about the status with her brother.
Best of luck and just chill!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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