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Amazing Deformed Fruits And Vegetables
Will you still eat them if you happened to get one
Sometimes their appearance might be confusing. Like this butterfly strawberries
They might look odd, but they do exist. Like this walking radish
They are all creation of God. Like He is telling us that He loves us through this love shaped potato
Some might turned out to look like animals instead. Like this Ducky tomato. Perfect to make a duck spaghetti
I am sorry sir, but I am trying to shyt over here. Can you move on to another plate ?
Mother and son love. Never separate and wanted to go into that pot of mutton stew together
Way of telling you it is a spicy chili. Eat me and feel like you are being punched
I did believe that Pinocchio exist until I saw this. The toy maker must have run out of wood and used an eggplant instead
Excuse me, but why do your soup taste like feet ? What type of radish did you use ?
The angry onion. Cut me open and you will be so sorry. I will make you cry
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