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‘Society' is definitely a dominant world and can force an individual to make choices and when it comes to bike it is the male who rules the world and for us in India it is a rare sight to see a girl riding bike because a girl really cannot dare to do that and if any girl dares to do that she has to tackle entrenched male attitudes towards her.
If a girl has ridden the bike, then she surely has gone through these reactions. So here are some of the reactions which a girl faces from so called male dominant society of ours.
1. Reaction from society
If you have ridden the bike and that too Royal Enfield you would have felt that you have done the biggest crime by riding the bike. Relate to it? I am sure you would have because the continuous gaze that you have received from the opposite gender is just killing. But I am sure if you can dare to ride a bike then hardly these things would matter to you....
But what would be the thoughts in a boy’s mind if he sees such sight?
• Dreamt of having such a girl in your life.
• Thought ‘kya kaamal ki hai ladki
’• Bhaishaab kya ladki hai yaar
• Patakha hai yaar•
Areee gazab…
• Desh sach mein badal raha hai…
These thoughts may seem funny but it definitely symbolises women’s power, kick-ass attitude…. Right?
2. Reaction from family
If you have ever asked your family about riding the bike then undoubtedly you would have got the clear No.
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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