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There are many weddings every wedding season where you didn’t expect getting invited but you did! There are many weddings where you have no clue about the person getting married like distant relatives or colleagues or friends’ daughter’s marriage but you have to give them something. So, in order to go the safe way you choose things which have been the “popular” wedding gift choices.
Here are what Wedding Gifts you should NOT give:
1. Fresh Flowers
Sure, they are beautiful and a safe path to choose but there is thought to it at all. Firstly, they will start to rot after a few days and then the couple’s room will smell of those rotten flowers. It is just a sheer waste of money. Instead, give the newly-weds a sapling or a plant, that is safe and thoughtful too.
2. Religious Gifts
Indian are in general religious but that doesn’t apply in the same manner as it used to be. Many in the current generation are religious but many are not as well. Whether you are religious or not, you have to accept the fact that everyone might not be as religious. Also, if there will be too many full of Murtis of various God’s, they will have to consider passing it to someone else.
3. Luck Charms and Figurines
This is the same thing as giving religious gifts, it is all about believing or not. If you don’t know the wedding all too well, it is not wise to gift them Feng Shui items or Laughing Buddha, Evil eye because they might even judge you through that.
4. Re-gifted items
Just say a big NO to re-gifting which you received. Most couples wouldn’t mind even the smallest thing that they need but unwanted things are really a burden.
So, get rid of these old school gifts because they are very insensitive and tacky.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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