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“When is the party man?’, “Where is the treat”? This is the question which I am sure everyone you have dealt with. A lot of time however a lot of Jaan na pechan types of people also asks for party and everyone has different way to tackle such people. So here is the list of ways how people responds if such people asks them about the party….
1. Game Palat Dene Wale Log
If someone asks them for a party so these people will remind them of their past.
So these types of people shut the other’s mouth by passing the buck to others.
‘Aree teri party kaha hai pehle tum ye btao’
2. Sirf kehne ke liye haan karne wale log
So these are the type of people who will never deny and you will always hear the same thing from them;
‘Haan haan, kabhi bhi lelo party yaar,maine kabhi mna kiya hai kya?’
But remember these people will just say but never give any treat.
3. Alag andaz se mna krne wale log
These type of people will never say Yes/No or anything they will just smile and walk away without saying anything.
4. Ever ready party dene wale log
Then comes the category of people who are always ready for party as they are big party animal. All that matters for them is party….party &party….Such people never say NO to anyone and happily agree for giving a treat/party.
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