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The ‘Himalayas’ are one of the most stretched ranges in the world covering the lands of Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, and eastern China. The scenic locations of Himalayas can make anyone feel exhilarated in nano-seconds.

But, if you are planning to stroll around the ‘Himalayan Corridors’, you need to well prepared and steady, so here are some pro tips to enjoy the Himalayas to the fullest:-

1). Always Rely On An Itinerary

If you are not well versed with the Himalayas, chances are that you might get lost or end up harming yourself. Thus, it is heavily advised to do a thorough research and map an itinerary before heading to the Himalayas.

2). Guides Are Good

Guides, who are a local resident, can be very helpful in making you relish the joy in the true sense. They can help you find most alluring places around and create memories that’ll last forever. They’ll also help you get all sorts of permits. Thus, getting a guide is always a good idea.

3). Health Is Wealth

The fluctuating temperatures of Himalayas can put a toll on your health, thus it is advised to carry all the necessary medicines with you. It is also advised to stop and breathe at regular intervals when you trek in the Himalayas. Keeping body hydrated is also very essential.

Apart from this, do not forget to pack essential things like: Sleeping bag, Insulated water-resistant shoes, Wind-proof jacket and an extra pair of woollen socks.

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- Shivam
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