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The overriding journey in Metro is full of pleasing, not-so pleasing experiences. In this journey however we come across different sorts of people making our journey full of vivid experiences. If you have travelled in the metro generally, you will find people engaged in these activities in the metro.
1. Babu Nona Type People
So these are the 1st category of people which are always talking with their partner on call; fighting, screaming loudly or expressing too much love halting in your otherwise Disneyland journey.
2.'Hame Dusre Se Nahi Hai Koi Matlab’ type people
People in these category are busy listening songs, watching movies and engaged with their headphones/earphones oblivious of whatever is happening around them and if you ask or say anything to these people they seem alike deaf people and if by chance they hear they become loudspeakers. Hahahaha…Agree?
3. Sleeping Beauties
Then comes the people who reserve their metro time bowing their head, sleeping, yawning and they are sleeping beauties of metro.
4. Seat Par Kadi Nazar Rakhne wale log
These are the type of people who just deserves a medal for their observation skills because no one can beat them in keeping an eye on people who are seating and then attacking as they get up from their seat. What do you think don’t they deserve something?
5. Hum Kya Kare Types People
So these people do nothing except looking at others. Looking at these people it seem that everything has just ended for them….
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