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Everyone has this endless list of things they want to do and have their wish lists ready. But money definitely has different meanings and purposes, especially if it’s your first job and first earning. Let’ have a look at the different meanings connected with MONEY.
1. Money= Enjoyment=Tangible Comfort
For some people money is meant to be spent, from eating out to partying, they enjoy life to the fullest and have one philosophy in life and that is enjoying life. So priority for such youngsters is I, me &; myself.
2. Money= Sense of pride
It is rare to find such youths, but they definitely do exist. They want to earn money because they want to make their parents proud. For them priority is to lessen the burden of their parents and before fulfilling their materialistic needs they think about their family.
3. Money=Show off
A lot of people, especially youths is really very conscious about the status symbol, society and for them money is the means to give the display of things to society and show off to the society.
4. Money=Freedom
Freedom to make choice, freedom to decide things, freedom to fly this is what money means. Priority for such people is to have independence and to stand on their feet without taking the support of anyone.
So, money certainly has many shades and meanings for every person.
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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