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Rasika Duggal who made a mark in the industry with her remarkable performances in movies like Qissa, Manto and Kshay is very happy that the industry is finally recognizing her talent. At a recent interview, Rasika was asked on her ways to deal with success and rejections.

Rasika was quick to answer this question, she said: "As an actor, it's (her acting career) up and down. That's the beauty of it and that's the difficulty of it as well. I think over the years, I have learnt to sort of not take either the rejections or successes too seriously because as an actor, you are mostly leaving your life to chance because getting a part in a film that you want, the film getting made, the film releasing...all of these things are...if you think of it logically, these are miracles. It's like a house of cards. It can collapse any minute. So, I have decided to leave much of my life to chance. That comes with a lot of insecurities, but it also comes with a lot of excitement."

Rasika’s Manto, Khsay and Hamid were sent to a number of film festivals and critics collectively praised her work in the noted films and because of this reason people have started calling her a ‘Film fest actress’, Rasika commented on this case as well, she told: "I don't mind. It's a label that I will proudly wear because this is the place where people know maximum about cinema and if I can appeal to an audience at a festival, I would think that my work is good."

She is currently seen in Amazon’s ‘Mirzapur’ and her character is getting a lot of attention, thanks to the thunderous performances and raunchy sex scenes that she performed for the web show.
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- Shivam
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