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So, the winter season has arrived and so is the red blush on your face.

Let’s admit it that everyone loves winters and those who don’t, well, taste change kro bro! *sigh*

I mean what’s not to like in winters, right from snuggling in warm blankets to sipping piping hot coffee or sitting around a fiery bonfire with lip-smacking snacks, everything seems just pitch perfect.

The surroundings get painted with a bluish tint and the cold evenings just seem so soothing, isn’t it?

Well, winters is just like Ghalib’s poetry; addictive and loving, thus, we made our brain horses run and imagined Ghalib telling us the ‘Winter Tales’ :-

1). When sitting on a toilet seat is nothing less than a ‘Roadies Task’

2). When that hot ‘Adrak Chai’ hits your senses on a chilled morning

3). When the cuddle sessions get too much galvanizing during winters

4). When smoking cigarettes in foggy winters gives you a different level of rush

5). When balancing the temperature of water during bath hours is a big deal

Dayum, you are still sitting here, just go outside and grasp in the joy of strolling around in blissful winters with relish. Ah, and don’t you dare forget to hog on some delicious winter snacks, that’s a must!

I am bidding goodbye, till then give your eyes some scenic wintery feast!

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- Shivam
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