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I am yet to find a person who is not in love with food, if you find that person, just tell because I’ll need to shoot him in the head.

Food tempts you the very moment you lay your eyes on it and if you are traveling to some exquisite place, hogging on the sumptuous local dishes is a must!

Today, I’ll be talking about the lip-smacking local dishes that you can munch on if you ever plan to visit the enthralling lake district – ‘Bhimtal’ :-

1). Raas

A curry dish that is prepared with a wide variety of pulses and is cooked in huge iron pans. This local dish is served with steaming hot rice and I can vouch that your taste buds won’t be able to resist it.

2). Baal Mithai

This authentic local sweet is a staircase to heaven. Prepared by roasting khoya and sugar, this resplendent sweet just melts down and merges with your senses. The never-ending after effect of this sweet is just inexplicable.

3). Thechwani

This succulent local cuisine is prepared from Crushed potatoes and Radish and is touted to be one of the major sources of iron and proteins. It is fabricated by adding ingredients like mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, roasted cumin powder, and green chilies. The dish is a hot-favorite among the residents and can be seen in the menu of local shops/restaurants.

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- Shivam
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