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The world is wondrous and so are Humming Birds. The smallest birds on earth are native to the Americas that constitute the family Trochilidae.

These adorable little creatures make a humming sound when they try to fly and their wings flutter together and hence the name.

Today, we are gonna learn about some amazing qualities that these amazing birds exhibit:-

1). Hummingbirds cannot walk but they can fly backwards and that’s quite something to look for!

2). Hummingbirds have a binocular vision and they can gawk at your feeder from about three freaking miles.

3). Hummingbirds are found only in North America and Central and South America and most are found in tropical regions.

4). The very alluring ruby throated Hummingbird weighs about one-tenth of an ounce, is about 3½ inches long and can travel more than 600 miles in migration.

5). Male hummingbirds are very lazy, they do nothing except for fertilizing the eggs. All the other work like nest-building, food fetching, parenting is done by female Hummingbird.

6). Hummingbirds love nectar and are always on a lookout for brightly colored tubular flowers. They seek red and orange colors most often, they also will feed on yellow, pink, purple and blue flowers.

7). Hummingbirds love rainy season the most and it is this time when they come out in their full throttle. So, if you ever want to see the Humming glory, you know what season you need to wait for, eh?

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- Shivam
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