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You know how beautiful life is but sometime one is waiting for their life to become beautiful. Animals are the most unfortunate souls in this human colonised society and smalls animals like cats and dogs are the victims. Though it is not all sad but there are plenty of good souls who save these animals from all their misery with love and care.
Here are some cats who have been adopted and that made their life beautiful again:
This is Ratsies and this name is given to him by his owner. Before, he wasn’t adopted, he was a kitten but almost looked like a rat. Now, he is being fostered with utmost happiness.
This is Butter who was found in December when she was 16 years old. When she was found, she had inflamed and scabbed-over skin, crusty eyes, hair loss, ear mites and dental disease. She was also bleeding with urine, this was all the trauma she had before getting her new home.
Rhodie, the short of Rhododendron was found by Purrfect Pals when she was abandoned, declawed and defenceless in the year of 2013. Though she was adopted twice in a year but since, she did’t use the litterbox consistently the owner left her to the adopted home again. In 2017, Rhodie finally found her match and she is overlooked for her inconsistent bathroom habits.
This is Lefty who struggles with goopy eye and an autoimmune disorder known as "pillow paw". The disorder makes her paw pad swollen and cracked. Finally, Lefty met her perfect match who would take good care of her.
Evie's owners found her on a trip to Austin. The owner found a man in an animal shelter with a crate full of disheveled kittens. Before she was picked, she was full of fleas, dirty, and skittish. Now, well, she's a "well-groomed fluff monster".
This black beauty is Hardy who had been abused and tortured for weeks. She was found wandering by the animal control. Now she has found a loving home with a couple, who both works in the veterinary field.
Rascal was brought to Purrfect pals before he was a stray who had parasites. Thanks to the couple who adopted Rascal and puts up with his craziness.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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