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Well, that one word is enough to make us happy. It’s not like others don’t like to sleep but our love for sleep is just too evident for others to feel uncomfortable. There is nothing that we love more than sleep. You are not worried about having a partner, not even friends for that matter because all you need is sleep.
So, here are some of the things you will relate to if you are a sleep-lover:
1. Every morning is a struggle to go to the office, you keep on snoozing your alarm till the time you already get late.
2. Goals doesn’t apply to you because when we determine in our mind to sleep, no conspiracy or super power can take away our sleep.
3. Mid-way through the office, you start thinking about how tired you are and how a good sleep will help you. If you find out your manager and boss is not at the office, who can stop you from taking a nap?
4. You were that ‘aankhon ka taara’ of teachers when they had to punish someone because they always found you sleeping and snoring during lectures.
5. You are no more guilty of making excuses to cancel plans just because you don’t want to disturb your sound sleep in the winter afternoon.
6. Your worst nightmare is to sleep without setting an alarm because you will never wake up by yourself!
7. Your happy buys are comfy pillows, bedsheets, pajamas and eye masks.
8. People say that 8 hours of sleep is enough, but your question is how much sleeping is too much? Because you can sleep straight for 14 hours without any food or loo breaks.
9. You're a true sleep lover when you wake up after 8 hours of sleep and still feel exhausted.
Are you feeling like taking a nap after reading all this? I hope not!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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