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Pretty hairstyles make you wonder when will the day come when you will also be able to do these hairstyle! Or are you wondering why everything beautiful has to be so much time taking and difficult?
What if we say that not every hairstyle has to be difficult or time-taking? Oh yeah! And you can do that in your bad hair days as well.
Here are Easy Hairdos For Bad Hair Day:
1. Half bun
This is the cutest and the laziest hairdo you can do in seconds and you use this hairdo for a short skirts look, shorts, even with a jeans-T-shirt look. Basically, this will make you look like the cutest version of yourself.
2. Messy hair bun look
Well, this is even easier than the half bun hairdo because you have to do nothing in it, just set your hair with your hands to tie a bun and if you keeping your hair free flowing, then use your fingers a little. Well, this hairstyle can make you look sexy, you know what I mean!
3. Classic Half-Half look
This is the age old hairdo which never really looks bad and it practically looks good with any kind of outfit.
4. “I Woke up Like This” Look
This is the free flowing messy hair that will give you instant bliss. You can either make it into a cute hairstyle or an all-n-all messy hairstyle for your killer black dress.
5. 2 Half-up hair bow
This is the cute hairdo which is essential for your brunch every Saturday-Sunday. This is super easy to make, you simply have to make two half up buns and then just use your fingers to spread out the hair like a bow and you are done.
Try out these hairstyles in your good day and bad day with different outfits and your winter will be LIT AF!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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