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Smoking is not just a habit rather it has become an addiction, a culture which most of us is becoming part of regardless of the fact that it has been recognised as hazardous to our health. Today it is just not part of our private spaces but our corporate spaces as well. However, it is really hilarious to see how different people smoke in the corporate spaces.
Let’s have a look at different types of smokers
1. Smoking is a passion
So first category of people are those for whom smoking is not less than a passion. After every few minutes you tend to hear their voices asking to come to smoke.
2. Smoking is a habit
For these types of people, they would need to smoke at least 3-4 times a day, but they are less active smokers than the first category.
3. Fattu smokers
These types of people do smoke, but they just refuse to accept it. If someone asks do they smoke, they would plainly refuse to offer any acceptance? So basically these are the Fattu smokers who just have no guts to accept the things.
4. Azeeb React Karne Wale Log
The first sets of people are those who will just sigh every time they see someone smoking. They are extra pretentious people whom you will see complaining even if they smell a little smoke. They would leave no stone unturned to see their overacting skills in showing the problem they are having with the smoke. You will often find these types of people giving a moral lecture on the harmful effects of smoking.
Other sets of people are those who don’t smoke and don’t have an absolute interest in smoking.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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