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Most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or heard rather its felt and Love is one of those beautiful things which is full of madness. However, this madness has different stages which makes it more beautiful.
1. Dreamy…. La La Land….
As someone enters into the relationship everything looks like a fairy tale. From long night conversations to video calls we tend to enjoy everything in the relationship. This dreamland journey howsoever also has different transitions. The initial conversations which usually start with a normal phone call conversations or text messages it, then smoothly turns into video calls. As the relationship is fresh, young our life suddenly starts revolving around that particular person and he/she becomes our life.
2. Butterfies in the stomach
As the days pass and the relationship grow older we have the feeling and desire to meet the person out of the social media. So the excitement of first meets with the butterflies in the stomach about the first date is really out of the world experience and surely cannot be expressed in words.
3.Hmari Zindagi Ka Important Part
The flavor of craziness and maturity makes the relationship fierier and energetic. Hangouts, romantic dates, surprises and gifts becomes part of the life. If we don’t communicate with that someone special, we tend to miss out something from our life.
4.Rishto mein khatam hota pyar
There comes a phase in our life when we had so much conversation with our partner and a lot of times we are not able to have time for them. At this stage a lot of times we feel that we don’t have anything to talk to, we started feeling that the relationship is not working out. But all we need to remember is that this phase comes in everyone’s life and we need not to stress ourselves and lose hope all we need to do is communicate…communicate…be it any form and trust me the zeal in the relationship will surely come back.
From emotional attachment to the physical relationship every phase of a relationship is beautiful in its own. All you need to do is enjoy every little moment of that relationship so that it grows more beautiful each day
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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