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In this fast paced life with changes in places and people you tend to forget about your own essence and your own magic and if there’s anyone who can remind about yourself is that best friend with whom you parted ways years ago and can hardly meet now.
There were days when at college you couldn’t even think of sitting with someone else other than her and at the hostel she made you realize that staying apart from parents ain’t much of a deal as she’s always at your rescue be it you forgetting to bring your book in that class of the grim professor or had no money to get a packet of chips. She would stand right beside you to make sure you don’t ever feel alone.
Now that the study days have been replaced by the pressure of work you it seldom comes to your mind like how it would have been if she were with you now, life would have been so easy and fun. You can reach up to her after office and spurt out all the curses that you want from your boss. And the time you realize that she’s actually quite far for you to reach you tend to break a little bit inside. You can hardly talk now but you know that she’s just a call away no matter whether you had a tussle with your boyfriend or have faced a bitter day. She’s always there to make you realize that she’s there for you even if the world parts ways.
Thanks to the memes though! Tagging each other every other day keeps you both connected and you know that it’s just a little gesture which we show to confirm that we haven’t forgotten each other anyways. It might be that she no longer stays nearby, but her thought process and heart continues to be the same as you; you get to see that whenever you meet her and you find no difference. That’s what real best friends are all about and they are no less than a soulmate.
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