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‘You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water’. The bad, low times come with the waves of sadness, disappointments’ and hopelessness, but it is important to not let overpower the web of negative emotions captivate your life.
So here are few things which will add positive rays in your life.
1. I am proud of myself
A lot of times fear; negative thoughts tends to shatter believe in ourselves. So never ever allow that thought to come in your mind. Best way is to stop overthinking about that problem because more you think about that problem more you become the victim of that.
Try to do things that will makes you happy or things that makes you proud of yourself. Believe me it’s really very important to make yourself proud before making others proud. This will make you happy and help you to gain that faith again.
2.Remember the gems of your life.
Life is all about ups and down which makes us feel good and bad if we like it or not but everyone has those mood swings and we really cannot escape from them, but what we can escape from is making us not impacted by those mind swings. At this moment, remember about the precious gems of your life, special ones of your life. Just think how will these people feel if you are upset. It will automatically lighten up your mood.
3. Spread happiness
Although it is difficult but do things for needy people, make others smile. It will automatically bring happiness in your life
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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