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Not many TV series have broken records and continued to air even after 14 years of its completion because of popular demand. ‘Friends’ the TV show that commenced on 1994 with six main casts have won hearts with its honest portrayal of what friends are really all about.
1.‘FRIENDS’ have introduced the generation to honesty no matter wherever i am and what have I done. It has made me realize that being honest will always leave you with friends who are true to you and will be there by your side no matter how brutally honest you get.

2. You know your true love is the one who proves to be the closest friend you ever had. You know that love would continue to flourish even after the little weirdness that your partner has.

3.You don’t have to worry about being a bit abnormal and not following the queue.

4. You have a thorough knowledge about your friend and you know how exactly you can make them happy, even if it’s with a pink bike.

5.Not sharing food is no big crime! It’s okay to be mad after food and gobble up anything and everything even if it’s from some other’s plate too.

6.You got to appreciate the weirdness of your friend so that they never feel bad. Well that’s what real friendship is all about.

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