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It’s been 6 years now that I have faced the bitter –sweet fact of life that nothing in the world feels as good and comfortable as home. You might get to be a free bird but with time you realize that home is the actual abode of peace that you all need.
1. It made me realize that no matter how many friends come along with you and make you feel good but at the end of the day it’s your mother whom you actually want to talk to and share all your thoughts with. No friend is greater than Mom and will never be.

2.Value of money! Yes! The greatest thing I learned possessing money on my own is that it holds an indispensible value. It made me learn that wastage is the worst thing in the world be it of anything. As I started earning it on my own I realized what efforts have actually been put into it which back at home I never understood and eventually used to waste stuffs and asked for more from my parents .

3.And of course the food! Oh God! You absolutely know what I mean if you are one among those who do not know to cook. I conceived the fact that if ever one of the biggest mistake I’ve done in my life is actually not knowing to cook, in spite of my Mom nagging me for the same. I miss her now every second for this.

4.Falling sick and crying to get back home! I know many of you can relate to this! Your roommate or colleague no one can comfort or console you at the time you’re sick it’s because all you want at that particular time is your parents to be by your side.

5.The laziest part of the week which is usually Saturday or Sunday doesn’t actually let you sit back and relax for it’s the day when you have to clean your room and stuff. You feel like why on earth did you choose to step out from home when all it leads you to is one hell of a mess. Thanks to Mom who’s constant pestering after me at least got me to learn how to wash clothes.

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