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Mounica Tata is a self-taught artist who is a doodler, cartoonist and most of all a storyteller. She is a 29 year old who spoke to a leading online portal where she revealed that she used to doodle during her work breaks and to relief 9-5 stress. It took her some years to find the perfect job where she can become a full-time illustrator instead of a client executive or a content writer.
Though Mounica’s work is not restricted to relations but she widely creates beautiful doodles about social issues, inhibitions among women, animals and everything else but with a hint of humour, of course.
We are only focusing of the creations which shows the warmness of relationships:
Her artwork is detailed yet minimalistic, it is easy to grasp the emotion and soothing to the eyes.
She makes sure that every creation of hers tells a story and finds the rhythmic language patterns to connect to the millennials.
When she was asked what has art entrepreneurship teach her, she said, it has taught her to be patient and attain mental stability.
She further stretched the thought of mental stability by explaining that one has to wait for the client’s feedback after submitting the work and it can take a toll on one’s confidence. She then explains that she is becoming more confident as she is experiencing more.
When she was asked about the most challenging aspects of being an artist, she said that it is hard to explain your career to someone else. Mounica said that she has to explain meaning and seriousness of her talent.
Further she explained that being a freelancer her social interaction has gone down to zero as she doesn’t see many faces of either clients or colleagues.
She if definitely doing something valuable about making us happy and her clients too.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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