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When you come in a relationship with someone, you feel many things at once and an inexplicable vibe wraps you up. Everyone wants their relation to sail smooth and stay hunky dory but life is not a bed of roses and sometimes relationships face huge complications.

In hard times, there can be a point when you’ll think of parting ways but it’s not like there is no solution to it.

There are some tenuous signs which will tell you that your relationship is turning ugly and you should work on it to avoid a bad breakup:

1). Worthless Arguments

Arguments are a vital ingredient of a healthy relationship. I mean the cycle of fight-realization-apologizing just strengthens your relationship but if you are engaging in unnecessary and regular fights over petty things, your relationship is in a desperate need for a reboot.

2). Lack Of Physical Affinity

Well, having physical intimacy or sex is very important in a relationship. It brings you and your partner closer and, moreover, leaving inhibitions is an important step to nourish a relationship. But, if in hard times, the sex has gotten all pale and non-existent, you need to work hard on your relation.

3). Decrease In Serious Conversations

Conversations help you understand your partner better, if you just cannot remember the last time you sat and had a serious word with your loved one, its high time that you get up, arrange a cup of coffee and have a word to word convo. with your dearest.

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- Shivam
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