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1.It works as the best exfoliant that removes dead skin cells from the body. After a tiring day at work and travel the pollution outside tend to make our skin dull and bleaches away the essential moisture from our body, coconut oil is the best element to retain that moisture all day all.

2.Coconut oil is the most primitive hair oil which is known to impart essential potion to the hair maintaining its shine even after the rough weather that strikes your hair each day making it lose its shine. Therefore, before applying shampoo don’t forget to use Coconut Oil.

3.Lip balms nowadays aren’t really true to the promises they hold as gradually your lips tend to dry out even after applying it. Unlike it, Coconut oil gently removes the dryness out of your lips and makes it as soft and supple as it actually is.

4.Applying Coconut Oil before shaving acts as a great heal against cuts and burns as it smoothens the skin so that the body hair comes out easily.

5. During winters, the most annoying part happens to be the heel which cracks up. Rather than switching on to expensive pedicure treatment try coconut oil before going to bed and don’t forget using socks. Repeat this process for few days and watch your heels getting smoothened completely.

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